Nunavut Bureau of Statistics

About the Bureau of Statistics

The Nunavut Bureau of Statistics is the GN's central statistical agency. It collects, records, analyzes and distributes statistical data on Nunavut to Nunavummiut and across Canada. It makes data available to assist government in their decision-making, planning implementation and evaluations, as well as to make information available to the public.

The Statistics division also manages and conducts surveys for Nunavut in conjunction with Statistics Canada.

The Nunavut Bureau of Statistics will:

  • Produce accurate and appropriate statistical data on Nunavut;
  • Being a reliable, trustworthy and credible provider of information;
  • Making readily available timely demographic, economic and social statistical information;
  • Assisting the Government of Nunavut, other levels of government, the private sector, the media and the general population in locating, understanding and using statistical information;
  • Publishing reports on Nunavut-specific information in areas of public interest such as the economy, health and population; and
  • Maintaining an up-to-date website as a Statistics Canada focal point providing access to national, provincial and territorial statistical information.